Political musical chairs: Cong on back foot

हें सगलें वेंचणुकेक लागून रे बाबांनो: तेंडुलकार

12 Jun 2019 07:21 PM

BJP State president Vinay Tendulkar has now made a new admission.

10 Congress MLAs wanted to join the BJP, but his party high command has said NO.

It seems they don’t want to destabilise any party. And what about his earlier statement that two Congress MLAs are in contact with the BJP?

Vinay claims that it was an election gimmick. In spite of the fact that supporters of both these Congress MLAs have confirmed this.

Congress MLA Clefacio D’Souza had a meeting with his workers on the proposal of joining the BJP.

And BJP mandal in Congress MLA Francisco Silveira’s St Andre constituency officially met Vinay to oppose BJP’s plan to welcome Silveira in the party.

Still Vinay claims that was an election gimmick.

And now he claims that 10 Congress MLAs wanted to join the BJP.

Is this true or another gimmick? 

Recently, GPCC president Girish Chodankar had attacked the BJP saying ruling party is bribing their MLAs through various packages which includes money, ministry, chairmanship and retirement.

BJP State president Vinay Tendulkar refuted these allegations saying Congress MLA's willingly want to join the BJP.

He denied that any money had changed hands when Dayanand Sopte and Subhash Shirodkar when they joined the BJP. 

Desk: Sameep Narvekar | Camera: Shyam Chari | Editing: Vibhav Naik

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