No power on earth can stop India from patrolling in Ladakh: Defence Minister

17 Sep 2020 07:08 PM

China is saying one thing and doing another, defence Minister Rajnath Singh told Rajya Sabha on Thursday. He said that there was no power on earth that could stop India from patrolling in Ladakh.

The defence Minister briefed the Rajya Sabha on the happening at the LAC.

He said that even though the talks between India and China were on from May, the neighbouring country tried to intrude into Indian territory. However, he said that they were not allowed to do so.

What Rajnath said

China violated agreements

China earlier illegally acquired 38,000 sq mtrs of land

Now claims 90,000 sq mtrs of land at Arunachal China deployed soldiers in large numbers, increased constructions

India has also erected basic facilities on borders

China has created war like situation on bordersIndia capable of giving reply to Chinese actions

Won't back down from any challenges

We want peace, but we will protect our nation

Desk: Sushant Gawas

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