Michael, Rohan, Cong get into a politcal slug fest

लोबो आनी खंवटे सांपडल्यात चक्रव्युहांत ; अधिवेशनांत जातलो चक्रव्यूहाचो भेद!

11 Jul 2020 05:05 PM

As the assembly session nears, the political Mahabharat outside has begun. And the chief protagonists are the ports minister Michael Lobo, former Revenu minister Rohan Khaunte and the Congress's – Trajan D'Mello and Agnelo respectively.

Michael alleged that Rohan was involved in breaking up a night club LBK while Rohan has alleged that Michael is involved in a 450 crore rupee scam.

The Congress that these open allegations of major illegalities a, improprieties and abetting goondagiri were serious and the chief minsiter should look into it.

Michael says Rohan Khaunte is stuck in chakravuvya and challenges him to escape or even win the next elections.

Rohan on the other hand says that he is not Abhimanyu. He knows how to enter chakravuvya and escape too. 

Congress said Chief Minister should take serious cognizance of this as both MLAs are exposing each others rackets. 

Desk: Jawahar Barve | Camera: Amar Chawaria

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