MGP removes Lavoo from party for 6 years; Lavoo says Dhavalikar conspiracy

सरचिटणीस लवू मामलेदाराक स वर्सांखातीर मगो पक्षातल्यान माल्लो भायर

23 Mar 2019 02:51 PM

The MGP suspended its general secretary, former MLA Lavoo Mamlatdar for a period of 6 years after a acrimonious meeting on Saturday morning.

The decision was announced by the MGP president Deepak Dhavalikar.

Lavoo told Goa 365 after the meeting that he was not too concerned about this and would be approaching the courts seeking justice.

There has been some confusion in the ranks of the MGP.

This was witnessed even during government formation. Now the MGP president has not only expelled party general secretary, but also placed a blanket ban on anybody speciating to the media or to anybody on any party related issue.

Lavoo spoke to Goa 365 and gave his side on the issue. He said that he was targetted as he had foiled the decision of the Dhavalikar brothers to remove tourism minister Babu Azgaaokar from the party. 

Desk: Glenn Costa | Camera: Shyam Chari

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