CM challenges anti CAA protestors to debate; GAKUVED says BJP has eye on properties

23 Jan 2020 08:30 PM

The chief minister Pramod Sawant has alleged that CAA is being used to divide people along caste and religious grounds. Ironically, GAKUVED has also accused the proponents of CAA of the same motives. But with an added twist. It accuses the BJP of eyeing their homes and lands.

The chief minsiter was speaking after th einaugural of SARAS at Margao. He was speaking of the controversy over the CAA, NPR and NRC which has rocked the country and is starting to have an effect even in Goa.

The chief minister said that India is a secular nation and all  religions live there unlike some neighbouring states. 

GAKUVED has alleged tha tin case CAA is implemented in the state 95% of Goan ST would loose their homes and land.

It alleged that it was pointing fingers at Muslims, while actually the BJP was targeting our community. They exporessed their strong opposiiton to CAA< NPR and NRC. 

Camera: Irshad Shaikh

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