CM distributes portfolios to newly inducted ministers

15 Jul 2019 07:43 PM

The Chief minister distributed the portfolios to the newly inducted ministers on Monday.

The heavyweight TCP portfolio went as expected to Babu Kawlekar, who was the former leader of opposition of the Congress.

He has also been appinted as the deputy chief minister replacing Vijai Sardesai.

Jennifer Monserrate gets Rohan Kauntes portfolis while former deputy speaker Michael Lobo gets his wish of getting the Solid Waste management portfolio.

Filipe Neri Rodrigues gets Vinod Palyekars portfolios including Fisheries.

Power Minister Nilesh Cabral gets the Law portfolio while the CM minister retains Animal Husbandry and Forest which was with Vijai.

Reporter: Bureau | Desk: Glenn Costa | Editing: Jaidatt Dessai

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