GF says the govt has failed miserably on employment front; govt says figures old

06 Apr 2021 06:36 PM

Goa Forward tongue in cheek said the chief minister should be congratulated for Goa moving from third position to second position on the unemployment front. This has however been refuted by the government. GF has also questioned the government's expenditure and wisdom in organising the Goa Vibrant programme in 2019.

Goa Forward has quoted a body, Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy for the figures on the ratings on unemployment. The Centre has also  said that while the country's unemployment situation has gone down to 6.5 per cent in January 2021 from the earlier 9.1 per cent in December 2020. 

The Government has questioned the process adopted by the Centre for Monitoring India's Economy while arriving at  the figures. It has also spoken about the time line of the study.

Goa  Forward has questioned the wisdom  behind organising  Vibrant Goa programme in 2019 spending two crore rupees. 

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