History can’t be rewritten without confirming facts: Jayanti

सत तपासले बगर इतिहास बरोवचो न्हू : डॉ. जयंती नायक

25 Feb 2020 07:25 PM

Writer cannot rewrite history without confirming the facts. Obviously any new interpretation would be opposed. But the writer should be confident enough to prove the reality. This is the view expressed by writer and researcher Jayanti Naik, who bagged this year’s Sahitya Academy award for translation. She has translated award winner Krishna Sobti’s Punjabi novel into Konkani.

Jayanti has also been recipient of Sahitya Academy award winner earlier for her original Konkani poetry collection Athang. This is the second time she is being awarded by Sahitya Academy for her literary work. The translated Konkani novel is titled Jindaginama – Jivo Rukh. She has written almost 20 books from children’s stories to research on folk to drama scripts. 

Reporter: Jawahar Barve | Desk: Jawahar Barve | Camera: Amar Chawaria

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