Season’s mining transport faces roadblock over rates

रेटी वाडोवन दिल्यो ना जाल्यार येरादारी ना : ट्रकधनयांची शिटकावणी

13 Nov 2019 07:38 PM

The beginning of mining transport has faced a roadblock. Truckers of Bicholim have refused to transport e-auctioned ore unless the rates are revised. Since Vedanta has refused to accept their demand, they have now approached the government authorities.

Vedanta was supposed to start transport of Vedanta’s e-auctioned ore from 12th of November. Perhaps the first mining activity of the season. But on the issue of reasonable rates, truckers of Bicholim met the deputy collector, who has requested mines department to intervene. Till then, no ore would be transported. Watch what the truckers say. 

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