Mining stakeholders wait with bated breath

13 Mar 2018 09:43 PM

Mining comes to a halt from the 16th of March. Mining companies have already started withdrawing their machinery from the mines.

 Directly or indirectly, livelihood of many people comes from mining industry. Hence they are hopeful that the union government will come out with some solution. Goa365 spoke to some of the mining stakeholders to know their mood.   

Mining was stopped from 2012 but it resumed in 2015.  The stakeholders thought that the worst is behind them. But when Supreme Court cancelled 88 renewed leases on 7th of February it was a bolt from the blue.

Reporter: Prahar Sanvordekar | Desk: Rosario Soares | Editing: Jaidatt Dessai

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The government dont want to run the poors people life father also a truck owner and in this year only we have purchased the truck because we got loss in previcious business so run the mining quickly

- Hrutik

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