Govt can start mining immediately, but auctioning will take 5 years: Claude

पावणी केल्यार 5 वर्सां, पूण सरकारान मीन काडल्यार मायनिंग सुरू जाता रोकडेंचः क्लॉड

13 Feb 2018 08:17 PM

If Goa government goes for auctioning the mines, then it would take minimum five years to start mining. But if government starts mining on its own, it can start soon after monsoons. This is what Goa Foundation Director Dr Claude Alvares has said. He also wants mining to continue in a sustainable manner, so that barge and truck owners as well as other dependents survive.

The Supreme Court has stopped mining from this month and cancelled all the leases, based on a petition filed by Goa Foundation.

Our Consulting Editor Sandesh Prabhudesai interviewed its director Dr Claude Alvares asking what is the best option to restart mining as fast as possible. He has thrown the ball in the court of Manohar Parrikar government.

According to Dr Alvares, it would take minimum five years if they adopt the method of auctioning the mines.

According to Dr Alvares, mining had to be stopped immediately after the court order. It cannot continue even till 15th of March.

Also no ore can be exported because it’s all illegal. The court has scrapped the leases from the day they were renewed, that is from January 2015. Not from 7th of February this year.

But Dr Alvares doesn’t want mining in Goa to stop completely. In fact he wants sustainable mining with a cap on ore extraction. So that the stocks of 750 million tonnes continue for many more years.

Goa Foundation is also planning to approach the court once again, asking for orders to recover the money from the miners.

While Shah Commission had calculated it as 35 thousand crore rupees, Dr Alvares claims it to be four times more.Almost 1 lakh 44 thousand crore rupees.

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