Garbage heap near Cortalim MLA office cleared by Velsao panchayat

12 Feb 2019 07:42 PM

Is this Swatch bharat?

People waiting for the bus at Queeny Nagar bus stop had made made repeated complaints about heaps of garbage near the office of Cortalim BJP MLA Alina Saldhana.

Velsao Sarpanch Henrique D'Mello said panchayat would also try to install CCTV and deploy a watchman in the area to prevent dumping of garbage in the area.

There were heaps of garbage just lying near the office of Cortalim MLA Alina Saldhana at Queeny Nagar. Close to the bus stand.

People using the bus stand had to face unbearable smell while waiting for the bus.

Finally Velsao panchayat cleared the garbage on Tuesday. 

Reporter: HIru Mahale | Desk: Sameep Narvekar | Editing: Nitin Josalkar

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