04 Aug 2022 07:02 PM

Chief Minister DrPramodSawant questioned Goa Headmaster Association about the state’s declining performance in the National Academic Survey.

Despite providing all the necessary infrastructure and facilities to schools and teachers, why are Goa’s students falling below national average in subjects like math and science, questioned Sawant. He urged that teachers, students and parents alike take the national education policy seriously.

The Chief Minister was speaking during a State Level Conference for School organized by Goa Headmaster’s Association in Panjim. He grilled headmaster’s present for conference on the NAS which revealed Goa’s declining position in certain fields.

Sawant alleged that people were not criticizing schools, but rather the state government for Goa’s poor ranking in the survey.

The new education policy focuses more on skills. As result every teacher, student and parent should take it seriously. The Government will provide all required facilities needed under the new education policy, Sawant said.  

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