Govt to finally crack down on sewage in rivers

07 Oct 2019 08:29 PM

The Health department has cut of electricity and water of 82 households that were discharging sewage into rivers.

 The department has issued notices to 4240 houses that were found to be prima facie guilty of this. The department will cut of the electricity and power of all those found guilty of this, the Health Minister Vishwajit Rane promised on Monday.

 The Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Sunday had pointed out that E coli in the Sal river was at dangerous levels. Finally looks as if some action would be taken by the water resources department on the issue.

There have various complaints by citizens about houses and even colonies discharging sewage. But the authorities have been slow to act asking for written complaints. And even after that action has been clow and far between, people have been complaining. 

  the death of a twenty something the other day has brought sharp focus on dengue. Now the Health Minister Vishwajit Rane blames the lack of coordination between various department for deaths.     

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