You pass a bill to save Goa and lands, you are in ruling: Rohan Khaunte

17 Jan 2020 06:36 PM

Independent MLA Rohan Kaunte has questioned RDA Minister Michael Lobo about his plans for a consensus over a bill to not allow sale of agricultural, orchard and settlement land to people from out side the state. He pointed out that Michael was a minister in the BJP government. So why did he need to create a consensus when he could chaperone the bill himself.

Kaunte went a step further. He said that agriculture land belonging to farmers should only be sold to another farmer and not anyone else. Only in this way will Goan agricultural lands be saved.

The Porvorim MLA was reacting to Lobo’s statement  of not allowing the sale of agricultural lands to non goans. Kaunte also said some such bills were discussed in the assembly when he was in the government and these would help to save Goa and her lands. 

Desk: Clinton Dsouza | Camera: Amar Chawaria

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