Pre-monsoon shower leaves MMC building swimming in sewage water

01 Jun 2023 07:01 PM

Following heavy showers this morninga video went viral of the Margao Municipality drowning in rain and sewage water. Even worse, sewage water overflowed into many shops around the municipality building.

Surprisingly the MMC Chairperson SamodarShirodkar was unfazed, and attacked the video of the flooding, refusing to take responsibility.

Even more surprisingly, Shirodkarsays they will start the monsoonpreparation work now.Ironically, the municipality has its loyalty to the sitting BJP MLA DigambarKamat since time immemorial.

Also prominent traders from the Margao market met the chairperson to complain that rainwater had entered their shops which are situated near the Municipal building. Shopkeepers were categorical in saying that this was a legacy issue and was happening because the drains had not been cleaned.  

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