Must Watch: Real story behind Ugvem tension

10 Dec 2017 05:41 PM

It’s been more than 48 hours since Ugvem is tensed, the locals have threatened blockade and demanded ban on sand mining. It all started with sand extractors assaulting a local.

The angry villagers then blocked an entire highway leading to a massive traffic jam, but this was a reaction to the pent up anger within them. The real reason we are going to show you here.

 This the konkan railway bridge, every day and night many inter-state trains pass through this one but just take a look at the condition of this bridge. For years now, the sand beneath the pole is extracted, this to an extent that now this bridge stands on weakened poles but till date, no one has paid their attention.

The real impact of the sand mining is faced in many parts of Goa, Ugvem villagers want the government and railway authorities to take look at this disaster in-waiting.

  The sand extractors who assaulted Bhaskar Mahale  are still at large but villagers have put the local police on the ultimatum. The delegation met the police inspector Sandesh Chodankar.

Reporter: Sandeep Kamulkar | Desk: Deepali Desai | Editing: Nitin Josalkar

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