MLA loses cool with locals, p’yat over delay in filing case against western bypass: WATCH || ENGLISH || GOA365

24 Mar 2023 08:23 PM

Benaulim MLA VenzyVeigas lashed out Karebhand’spanchayat over the lack-luster effort in solving the drainage issue along the western bypass stretch. The MLA also lost his cool with the locals, whom he says, are sitting silently despite their own homes at risk of filling withfloodwater during the monsoon.

:While many locals have been demanding the western bypass be built on stilts, the stretch along Khareband is currently being laid as is.

This has raised concerns of flooding in the area due to the blocked natural flow of water over the terrain. The local panchayat however is yet to raise the issue, much to the annoyance of local MLA Benaulim, who lashed out at the panchayat and even locals.

The MLA also put local panch members on the spot, asking them to justify the delay in seeking changes to the bypass. 

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