Meeting at CCP: Stakeholders want Blue Flag certification scrapped

ब्ल्यु फ्लॅग प्रमाणीकरण काडून वडयात : नुस्तेकारांची पणजी पालिकेकडेन मागणी

11 Oct 2019 06:04 PM

There was opposition to the Blue Flag certification of beaches with the Corporation of the City of Panaji jurisdiction at a meeting was held at a meeting held in Panaji. The meeting also saw complaints that the inputs given by traditional fishermen did not reflect on the prepared plans.

The CZMP has been facing opposition from all quarters. However there is pressure to prepare a CZMP and send it to the centre with even the NGT passing strictures on the government on the issue. In fact it had even stayed the governments shack policy asking it submit the prepared plan.   

On October 7, The High Court has stayed the process of the Blue Flag certification bsed on a writ petition challenging the same. The next hearing is fixed for November 4.  

Desk: Glenn Costa | Camera: Amar Chawaria

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