14 Aug 2022 05:50 PM

The locals of Korgao Pernem have opposed the merger of government primary schools in their village. A primary school has received a notification that this school will be merged with other primary school in the vicinity.

 However, parents have objected to this decision saying the schools has good amount of students and there are adequate facilities.

The state government has decided to merge the government primary schools given that decreasing rate of admission of students. However, the opposition was up in arms over the decision. Now not only the political parties but parents are out to oppose this decision.

There are three primary schools in Korgao. A primary school from Bhatwadi Korgao was issued notification to shift their premises in neighboring school. But parents are not happy with this.

They questioned why their school having highest number of students was asked to shift. If the school is merged, parents and students would face problems in future. 

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