Kamurlim ferry out of service; Camurlim people irked

18 Dec 2018 06:44 PM

People from Camurlim are struggling in the absence of ferry service towards Tuem.

The ferry is out of service for last two days and people have to take long cut via Colvale or Chopdem to reach Tuem.

The locals have demanded that the ferry service be resumed as soon as possible. 

 Camurlim locals are mostly dependent on this ferry to reach towards Tuem.

If they take the Chopdem or Colvale road it would take them 26 minutes.

Locals demand of a bridge on the site is already there.

Dyaneshwar Volvoikar local said that they were assured by the government to construct a bridge at this place.

Now government has forgotten its assurance.  

Reporter: Sandeep Kamulkar | Desk: Sushant Gawas | Editing: Vibhav Naik

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