Human – Animal conflict in Bicholi, Wild enters Human habitat

रानप्राणी आनी मनशांचो संघर्श चालूच : आतां दिवचले

14 Feb 2020 06:53 PM

Human and animal conflicts rears its head once again and this time in Bicholim, the people living at Sonarbhatt Latambarse in Bicholim claim that the wild cats from the forest have entered the human habitat and killed nearly 8 goats, 2 cows. The owners of these animals were depended on them, hence they have demanded the Government to look into this matter and also try to compensate for the loss.

Its been nearly 1 month past, that the Varak family had applied to the forest department for 80 thousand compensation amount as the wild cats had killed their domestic animals. But there has been no sign from the department to compensate for their loss. Now the family and locals are living in fear that such incidents might occur to them or their animals once again. Hence they have demanded intervention from the Government and concern authority at the earliest.

Reporter: Mahesh Govekar | Desk: Jawahar Barve

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