Goans against PDA attacks TCP Ministry

18 Jul 2018 09:00 PM

Goans against PDA has alleged that the procedure followed by the TCP department in forming Greater Panaji PDAs were faulty and bad in law. The organization has said that the TCP department showed under haste to satisfy builders’ lobby.

Convenor of Goans against PDAs Arthur D’Silva said the decision to form PDA is unconstitutional since it’s bypassed the cabinet decision.

Moreover, there have been no minutes of the board meetings to show on the record that the board members have met to decide the formation of PDAs.

Another piece of information obtained through Right to Information Act, the

TCP board did not even meet for the 161st  meeting and the items of that meeting were just circulated amongst the members of the board.   

Arthur said despite the chief minister pointing out the lapses, the TCP minister went ahead and notified the new PDAs.

Desk: Rosario Soares | Camera: Viraj Kamat

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