Francis Periera walks free in 11th desecration case against him

18 Jan 2018 08:29 PM

It has happened again, and for the eleventh time. Francis Pereira the star villain of the Goa Government and Goa Police has been once again acquitted by the court in another Desecration case.

This time for the desecration of Chandor’s Alma Khuris.  

At least 12 crosses and 50 gravestones were also found damaged from July 2017. The police arrested Francis Pereira from Curchorem.

And charged him with all the desecrations. But now this is the 11th case that Francis has been acquitted.

People are beginning to ask if this is an example of shoddy investigation or is there a bigger conspiracy behind the whole issue. 

Reporter: Ramesh Naik Raut | Desk: Clinton Dsouza

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