19 May 2022 07:46 PM

The SGPDA held with first meeting today with the newly appointed chairman Krishna Salkar. The meeting involved discussions on the irregularities of the SGPDA wholesale and fish markets. The meeting also decided to re-issue tenders to allow anyone to bid officially.

The meeting chaired by Krishna Salkar discussed on the various irregularities of the SGPDA wholesale and fish market and decided to bring the leases under the gambit of the department. Salkar also said that the tendering process for the markets would be done again allowing anyone to official bid on the tenders. Listen.

 Salkar told media that the SGPDA has accumulated a lot of liabilities over the years and questioned as to how no one objected to the previous authorities. However, he refused to blame anyone in particular. The SGPDA has many unpaid water, electricity and bills due which have to be now, he added. Listen

Margao MLA Digambar Kamat after meeting told the media that the member secretary has assured them that re-tenders would be issued within 3 months for the SGPDA wholesale and fish markets. 

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