Cong attacks BJP on treatment of activists, calls arrest, release illegal

आंदोलकां अटक केल्ल्यान काँग्रेसीन काडलो भाजपा सरकाराचो फोग

21 Nov 2019 08:32 PM

The Mhadei issue is getting hotter and hotter. After the agitations on Wednesday and the subsequent arrests, the Congress party has come down hard on the government. The Mhadei Bachao Andolan has also attacked the government saying that as it does not have the interests of the people at heart it does not have the right to rule.

On Wednesday the Congress that had registered its protest against Union Minister Prakash Javdekar and his handling of the Mhadei issue viz a viz Goa. The activists taking part in the protests were arrested and subsequently released. The party has called their arrest and release illegal.

Girish said that their agitation was peaceful and they had obeyed the orders under section 144. But the party had ensured that the issue had hit national headlines. They said that they would indeed re start the agitation on the issue.

The Mhadei Bachao Andolon also spoke on the issue criticising the government. Subhash  Velingkar, former RSS chief of the state said that the government that did not have the interests of the state did not have the right to rule, even as he demanded a white paper on the issue.

There was a small jugalbandi on the issue of a certain section of the people opposing the government of Mhadei meeting the union minister. The Congress accused them if going for tea with him a charge refuted by Progressive Front.


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