Bondvol Lake Mysteriously Disappears, St. Cruz Panchayat Vows Security

28 Nov 2023 08:39 PM

In a startling discovery,Bondvol Lake in St. Cruz was found to be completely drained last Friday, leading to widespread concern and confusion in the community. In response to the situation, the St. Cruz Village Panchayat pledged to install CCTV cameras to monitor the area and prevent such incidents in the future.

St.Cruz Village Panchayat has vowed to protect the Bondvol Lake after the mysterious disappearance of the once full lake, sparking questions about its protection and the potential environmental consequences. The panchayat further added that it will make a report on the sudden disappearance of the lake and will write to the WRD, Goa State Biodiversity and the police. The panchayat also called for an investigation into the matter. 

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