Baina fishermen agitate against blocking their pathways

07 Dec 2018 05:36 PM

Traditional fishermen are on an agitation path against the storm water drain built all along Baina beach.

The height of the drain is blocking their pathway to the beach and makes it difficult to carry fish and other fishing equipment.

They have threatened to agitate if their pathway is not cleared. Several traditional fishermen on Friday morning gathered at Baina Beach along the flyover where the contractor has built a storm water drain along the beach.

They also complained against the contractor for disturbing their sleep with huge noise of work.

After discussing their grievances, PWD officials and contractor agreed to provide access at six different places.

Goencho Raponkaranco Ekvott General Secretary Olencio Simoes was quite critical about the government's passive approach towards the local fishing community during construction work. 

Reporter: HIru Mahale | Desk: Clinton Dsouza

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