Adivasis deserve space in Ayodhya Ram Mandir, Goa Guv starts new controversy

अयोध्येच्या श्रीराम मंदिरांत आदिवासींक सुवात जाय, राज्यपालान सुरू केलो नेवो वाद

21 Nov 2019 08:27 PM

When a new Ram Mandir would be built in Ayodhya, the Trust should give space also to the tribals and low caste, who helped Sri Ram during his exile and to fight Lanka, says Goa Governor Satyapal Malik. No matter it becomes a controversy, he plans to write to the Trust in this regard.

It was at the second Adivasi Students’ Conference organized in Ponda by UTAA in association with Directorate of Art & Culture.

Malik was transferred to Goa after Article 370 was dropped in Jammu & Kashmir and it was divided into union territories.

During his first public speech, Malik observed that no high caste person had gone to help Sri Ram during his exile or while fighting Lanka to free Sita. Only the Adivasis, Vanvasis & Shudras. Watch his arguments. 

 Also on the dais at this moment were Tribal Welfare Minister Govind Gaude, former minister Prakash Velip, ex-MLA Vasudev Meng Gaonkar, Durgadas Gaude and others. Govind Gaude appealed to the youth to come out of the reservation mentality. 

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