Will online education affect individuals board results?

23 Oct 2020 03:03 PM

Online education might not be an big issue for the primary students, but it will definitely affect the students who will appear for their board exams of 10th, 12th and others. There is no issue if some students of the 10th std are allowed to come to school , depending on the status of Covid in the area, said some teachers on Friday.

Former chairperson of Goa SSC Board Pandurang Nadkarni on Friday afternoon said that the children were facing a lot of difficulties while studying online due to current Covid pandemic. It was essential that parents kept a watch and see if the children are writing their daily notes because there were chances that the children would forget writing habit. Assistant principal of Keshav Smriti School Rajashree Rane also wanted the government to give free devices to children who were poor so that education could reach everyone. Nadkarni was speaking to reporters alongside a felicitation program organised by Keshav Smriti School. Dr Korgaonkar, Anil Chodankar and Pandurang Nadkarni were felicitated during the event.  

Reporter: HIru Mahale | Desk: Clinton Dsouza

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