23 Jun 2022 02:00 PM

While road work has been completed in many parts of the state, loose soil from barren hills has begun to slip as heavy rains leaves mud soft. On June 11th, Verna-Cortalim Highway was left unmotorable, after the first rains of the season triggered a major landslide in the area. Vasco locals are now worried that heavy rains may trigger landslides along the Cortalim-Margao highway.

The hill running along the highway is already showing signs of a possible landslide as rains have brought down mud in many parts. Without a retaining wall to lessen the impact,

a landslide here could spell doom as the Cortalim-Margao highway supports heavy traffic flow. Locals are demanding that the authorities take up the matter and ensure that immediate action is taken before any major accident occurs.

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