Vasco fish market is become question of politics: Vasco Fisherwomen

13 Feb 2020 05:11 PM

Angry fisher-women say fish market is become a question of politics and meant only to take mileage during elections while ignoring the real issue of construction of long pending Vasco fish market. However MMC Chairperson Nandadeep Raut said that fisher women should solve their internal issue instead of blaming MMC all the time.

Vasco  fish market Vendors association President Carridade Periera said that the vasco fish market was only become a question of politics with everyone claiming to build the market but no one willing to build the market . She added that the fisher folks  earlier were not interested but at present are ready but every politician is only using this market as the topic for mileage considering the upcoming Elections.

However MMC Chairperson Nandadeep Raut said that MMC has taken action on people selling fish outside the market. He said that the MMC has carried out several drives and stopped people selling fish outside market and even confiscated their fish.  And  have even told the fisher folks  to complain to MMC if anyone is selling fish after hours.

Reporter: HIru Mahale | Desk: Clinton Dsouza

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