Tensions Run High at St. Cruz P’yat, Ex Sarpanch’s Foul Language sparks Apology Demand||ENGLISH||GOA365

11 Feb 2024 08:31 PM

Tensions ran high at the St. Cruz Gram Sabha on Sunday as an ex Sarpanch allegedly used foul language during a discussion about a resolution against him, demanding an apology for his illegal gambling allegations in the panchayat area.

On Sunday, the St. Cruz Gram Sabha convened to discuss various agenda items, including presenting the 2024-25 budget and deliberating on proposals from local residents. However, the meeting took an unexpected turn when the Gram Sabha introduced a resolution demanding an apology from ex Sarpanch Mariano Araujo for the gambling allegations within the panchayat jurisdiction. St Cruz Sarpanch Jennifer Olivera has warned of action, if apology is not tendered.

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