Residents upset over garbage site in abandoned PWD building

10 Sep 2019 04:11 PM

A dilapidated PWD quarters is the new proposed garbage dumping and segregation site at Baina. This has forced agitated residents to take up matter with the Mormugao Municipal Council.

A few years ago, after these PWD quarters were declared unsafe and all the occupants cleared from the quarters the building became a den for antisocial elements. Locals say that residents began driving petty criminals away and with the support of the police cleared the area.

But now this building is become a transit point for all the garbage before it is taken to the dumping site at Sada. They allege that sometimes the garbage remains for a week and the stench becomes unbearable.


MMC Ward Councilor Murari Bandekar said that he had also received a lot of complaints from the people and would soon take up the matter with MMC. He said that he had told garbage collectors not to use this site for garbage. 

Reporter: HIru Mahale | Desk: Clinton Dsouza

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