Ponda KTC bus stand a mess, sewage overflowing

17 Oct 2020 05:42 PM

The 'Symbol of Cleanliness' board erected near Ponda Sulabh Toilet has become an ominous sign. The PWD has constructed a Sulabh toilet at the Bandora KTC bus stand. However, sewage water from the toilet is overflowing into the bus stand. Bandora locals are understandably upset and have demanded that officials sort this out.

The bus stand falls in middle of Shapur, Parshuramnagar and Chiroput villages. The sewage tank of Sulabh toilet built in the bus stand itself. And it is overflowing. The gutters near toilets are filled with sewage. The sewage water has accumulated below the buses that are parked for the past several days near this toilet. People fear the sewage water could lead to the spread of diseases like dengue, malaria.    

KTC earn 14 lakhs annually from shops in bus stand. But, authorities have turned blind eye to repair the bus stand as a result the bus stand has degenerated. The scrap cars parked here are adding to the general air of neglect.  The Sulabh toilet adds to the problem. Motorcycle pilots and local panchas have commented on the issue. 

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