Only roads in cities dug for cabling, says Power Min. Here’s the ground reality

23 Nov 2022 04:43 PM

Despite cabling work going on in many cities and villages, Power Minister, Ramkrishna Sudin Dhavalikar has categorically said that underground cabling is currently going on only in major cities. However, Curca roads stand in stark contrast to the claim.

High tension, 11KV cables were passed overhead on electricity poles. But just months after, authorities began claiming that the cables had short circuited and began underground cabling.

Power Minister, Ramkrishna ‘Sudin’Dhavalikarwho was questioned on this, not only refused to comment, but also claims that only roads in cities with major municipalities like Panjim, Margao and Ponda have been dug up for the cabling.Here are visuals of Curca roads that have been dug up for underground cabling. 

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