Non-goans present during ABVP protest in St. Xavier, CM’s blessing with them: NSUI ||Goa365

22 Jan 2023 06:11 PM

Following yesterday’s protest at St.Xavier’s college in Mapusa by 8 members of the right-wing ABVP, the college management has came out in condemning the incident.

 Aldona MLA Carlos Ferreira, came out in condemning yesterday’s incident after he was reportedly called by some panicking staff members from the college. NSUI meanwhile has charged the Chief minister for backing the saffron-clad student wing.

8 members of the RSS-founded student wing ABVP yesterday afternoon stormed the campus of St.Xavier’s in Mapusa. A major commotion broke out after staff members and ABVP protestors broke out in a verbal spat. The protestors had raised banners and chanted slogans while classes were ongoing on the campus.

The college meanwhile has issued an official statement over yesterday’s incident.

NSUI today hit out at ABVP charging that out of the 8 ABVP protestors, only 3 were students of St.Xavier’s, while 2 were not even goans but rather people from Maharashtra. Here’s what they had to say.

NSUI also levied serious charges against the chief minister for allegedly backing ABVP in their protest. Sharing a post by the ABVP, NSUI charged that the group met with chief minister Sawant prior to the assembly seeking protection for carrying out such a protest.

Aldona MLA Carlos Ferreira also came out in condemning the incident. The MLA said that he was mistakenly called by frantic staff members from the college seeking help. Listen to what he had to say. 

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