05 Aug 2022 06:46 PM

Malpe’s Highway is under the scanner not just for its poor road engineering but also for the growing cattle population that authorities have failed to relocate off the road.

An under-construction section of the service road has become a danger for travelers, while cattle along the highway, pose a threat of high speed traffic meeting with fatal accidents.

The service road running along the Malpe Highway is being highlighted today for its poor road engineering.

The side road has been closed off to oncoming traffic with a pile of rubble and is not fitted with any signboards warning of ongoing work ahead. With no “closed road” warning, small and heavy vehicles that use the road are forced to make awkward and dangerous exits back onto the main road

 The service road and main road are also becoming hubs for stray cattle that are being allowed to roam free on the high speed road. In the last week itself, we’ve seen 2 major cattle related incidents in the state.

In the first incident on July 29th, 4 cows who wandered onto NH17 were killed after a truck rammed into them. Then on the 3rd, some stray cattle charged into a motorist, leaving him seriously injured. The Malpe Highway, which also bears high speed traffic coming in from other states, could potentially see more, fatal, cattle-related accidents. 

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