Mormugao MLA warns MPA over use of Gate no.9 || ENGLISH || GOA365

16 Mar 2023 06:39 PM

The Mormugao Port Authorities that had issued an order restricting its truck from using gate no 9 has seeminly violated its own order after trucks were seen traveling through the gate.

Furious over the development, local MLA SankhalpAmonkar has issued a stern warning to MPA officials, threatening to stop all movement of traffic if need be.

There had been numerous agitations against the transportation of coal and bauxite through MPA’s gate no. 9 after locals began suffering from dust pollution. The movement of large trucks too had proved to be a risk to local commuters.

However, despite the MPA assuring locals that no trucks would pass via gate no.9, officials at the MPA have seemingly turned a blind eye to its own order. The local MLA has now threatened to stop all traffic through the gate should MPA officials fail to address the issue.

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