Miramar road made up to date

12 Oct 2021 07:00 PM

Most people have no idea whether Goa would get good roads before November 1st. But looks at least people in Miramar will get a good road.

The Dayanand Bandodkar road at Campal was full of potholes. However, the temporary arrangements have been done by filling these potholes with tar. However, a narrow road leading to a five star hotel has become smooth and shiny. For the last several years no one was bother to look at this road. However, now this road has got it acche din, with sources indicating  it is because  a union minister is visiting this place. Watch.  

The locals are upset as the work of national highway is undertaken without service road. There is no way to enter villages from the main road. This issue has been brought before the Chief Minister, deputy Chief Minister Manohar Babu Azgaonkar said. Babu has also raised the issue of water scarcity. 

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