Lunarscape Baga: Locals, tourists repair road; Panchayat, MLA in hibernation mode

12 Sep 2021 05:56 PM

When administration fails, locals are forced to take matters in their own hands. Such an incident was witnessed at Calangute during this Chovoth. After waiting for government for a long time to repair their road, locals themselves patched up the potholes. Even tourists got involved, looking at the pitiable condition of the roads and also assisted in repair works.

The roads in Calangute-Baga are in pathetic conditions. Most of the roads in the village have huge potholes and in many parts roads are sinking. Yesterday was the one and half day Ganesh Visarjan.

Locals were worried how to do the procession through the potholed road. They called the panchayat and asked them to patch up these potholes. However, though the panchayat promised, they did not turn up. Later, a Calangute local Nilesh Goltekar saw a video requesting panchayat to repair the potholes.

He brought stones and construction debris in his car to fill these potholes. Others too joined him. A group of tourist passing by also lent a helping hand to locals.

The roads in Calangute have been are neglected. The local MLA Michael Lobo and Calangute panchayat has been informed about this. This has forced locals to take up the work themselves. Goltekar collects roadside debris and fills potholes across Calangute.

   Bureau report Goa 365. 

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