Inspection held at construction site in Old Goa Heritage area

13 Jan 2022 07:22 PM

A panchanama was conducted on the Old Goa heritage site construction issue. Opposition members were there during the inspection.

 Aam Admi Party says the panchayat is on right track, but TMC says the government is trying to save this construction arguing that structure should have been demolished long back.

Old Goa panchayat inspected the controversial construction in Old Goa heritage site and conducted a panchanama. Panchayat said the demolition  notice would be issued after meeting with panchas. Sarpanch Janita Madkaikar, AAP leader Amit Palekar, TMC leader Reginald Lourenco were present. Listen to them.

How can government give permission to the construction in heritage site. How can the  panchayat say that they want demolish the construction? This question is still haunting protestors. Persons giving permission to illegal construction should be held guilty and a criminal investigation carried out, Palekar said.   

The protest is going on for long to demolish the construction at the Old Goa Heritage site. Why the notice had to be re-issued to demolish construction when it is illegal?  Government is taking its time to demolish the construction in bid to save it, TMC Leader Reginaldo alleged. 

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