Hot mixed roads missing zebra crossings, markings, some roads above footpath

12 May 2022 06:05 PM

After Dr Pramod Sawant’s promise of smooth roads in the state prior to elections, most roads across the state were hot mixed. However, the work thereafter seems to have been ignored and at a few places even now there are no zebra crossing or markings. Some roads have even ended up being higher than the footpath. This has now led to accidents taking place.

The road here, near the Margao Municipal Garden, has been recently hot mixed. However, the hot mix was laid without taking anything into consideration. The divider here on the road has been nearly covered by asphalt but a tiny section remains exposed with no markings. This sadly led to an accidents, the last one leaving a rider injured after he failed to see the divider. The Road also does not have a zebra crossing.

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