21 Sep 2022 06:52 PM

DySP Sagar Ekoskaris in the news again. After yesterday’s State Police complaints authority complaint, Floyd Coutinho, a goan who is currently residing in the UK, has approached the courts alleging harassment by him.

He recounted that on 28th September 2021, he received notices in connection with a chain snatching case in the jurisdiction of Main Curtorim police station. However, despite repeated intimations that he was out of the country, he alleged that police harassed,

even issued a look-out orderin an attempt to defame him in order to extort money from him. Despite complaints to higher police authorities, including SPs, DGPs, and the CM, no action was taken.

Floyd later approached the union home ministry and the PMO, through which he received replies of initiation of inquiries. However, no action was still taken. Floyd has now approached the High court in the matter. Here’s more.

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