Heavy trailers damage NH17 bridges in Canacona, why PWD allowed it?

16 Apr 2018 08:22 PM

Villagers of Mashem-Loliem in Canacona are up in arms. They fear that the small bridges on the National Highway 17 may collapse.

Because PWD has been allowing heavy container trailers of 115 tonnes to pass through these bridges. 

If these bridges collapse, the whole traffic on this crucial Karwar-Madgao inter-state highway would be completely blocked. 

This is the second time. Earlier, the villagers had succeeded in sending a railway engine back from the Pollem check post, fearing damage to the bridges.

But now once again, on Sunday, the officials of National Highway section of PWD allowed heavy trailers of 115 tonnes each to pass from this national highway. And see the condition of this Mashem bridge.

You can see the cracks and even the iron rods that have come out. With such heavy traffic allowed, one can imagine what would be the fate of this bridge. 

The youth of Canacona, led by Loliem-Pollem Sarpanch Ajay Lolayekar and local Congress leader Janardan Bhandari went to the check post and asked the RTO officials why these heavy trailers were allowed.

They had stopped these trailers from crossing Goa border for the last 11 days. But, according to Bhandari, the PWD officials instructed the RTO to allow these trailers. 

Loliem-Pollem Sarpanch Ajay Lolayekar has demanded a thorough inquiry into this incident.

He wants to know how these trailers were allowed without having a weighing machine at the check post. 

Reporter: Devidas Gaonkar | Desk: Bureau | Editing: Bhakti Pai Balgi

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