Good sense will prevail, 3 projects will be scrapped, feels BJP's Alina

21 Nov 2020 04:48 PM

Youth and locals from Cortalim and Cansaulim came out in protest against Double-Tracking and other such projects in the state continuing the pressure on the government. Now Cortalim BJP MLA Alina says that once the government realizes why people are opposing, then good sense will prevail on the 3 mega project.

Chicalim Youth Farmers club, a group of over 100 youth from different parts of Goa assembled at Chicalim Panchayat to oppose the three linear projects of double tracking, expansion of national highway and transmission of power lines through Western Ghats. They said that they will motivate the youth from all Goa to voice their concerns against the message because they felt cheated.

On Friday evening, the Cortalim MLA spoke to media after a public awareness campaign programme was organised by the Villagers Action Committee Against Double-Tracking at the Cansaulim market.

 The DGP police on Saturday expressed his surprise as to why people were agitating against projects like double tracking. He said the police would provide security and ensure that protection would be given to all projects. 

Reporter: Clinton Dsouza | Desk: Clinton Dsouza

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