Denotify Calangute as urban areas, panchayat resolves

09 Jun 2021 07:25 PM

Calangute and it being slotted as a urban area has been hitting the news for the last week or so. The opposition and villagers attacked the panchayat body and the local MLA on this issue. Now the panchayat body has unanimously resolved that the Calangute be denotified as a urban area.

 Many villagers as well as the opposition were up in arms after Calangute was notified as urban area in the official gazette. They say that urbanisation would lead to rapid concretisation of village as PDA has classified most fields and hills as settlement areas in the ODP. That the village would loose its identity and tourism activity would be severely hit was another allegation. Panchas Anthony Menezes and Rupa Chodankar got the motion to denotify Calangute passed at its fortnightly panchayat meeting.


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