Dabolim v/s Mopa: Oppn Questions Dabolim Airport’s Future

05 Feb 2024 07:06 PM

The Goa assembly witnessed a heated discussion on the state’s airport issues, with the opposition raising concerns about the future of Dabolim Airport. The opposition alleged that the airport saw flights drop from 100 to 60 since the commissioning of Mopa airport. Chief Minister PramodSawant, however, reassured that the Dabolim airport will remain open for commercial business.

The future of Dabolim airport has been the talk of the town, especially in the state's political landscape. Concerns were raised in the assembly about the reduction in flights from Dabolim airport since the commissioning of Mopa Airport. In response, Chief Minister PramodSawant assured that commercial operations will continue at Dabolim, citing approvals from the Central cabinet and investments made by Airport Authority of India in the airports infrastructure. 

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