Colva road in mess after sewerage work

13 Sep 2021 06:35 PM

Going to Colva now is as if you are going to the circus. The road opposite the Church has so bad that it’s a wonder that rider don’t fall down more often. Colva locals are upset over the shoddy condition of road saying even tourists taunt locals after some fall while commuting on this patch of road.

Colva is a famous tourist destination in South. The PWD had dug up this road to lay sewerage pipeline. However, the PWD filled the road but didn’t hot mix it.

Locals are up in arms over the shoddy condition of road. They say give us better roads at least as the government cannot gives us proper water, power and petrol. The local MLA, tongue in cheek, says that he will ensure that the road is repaired properly unlike the Atal Sethu.

Meanwhile, Benaulim MLA Churchill Alemao said he wants the road to get repaired. But the road in his constituency won’t face the fate of Atal Setu, which was damaged soon after inauguration. He has demanded that this road be repaired before the beginning of the tourist season.  

Reporter: Ramesh Naik Raut | Desk: Jawahar Barve

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