Colva Panchayat holds special meeting to oppose tower, wants sarpanch to approach court

10 Oct 2021 05:57 PM

The Colva Panchayat held a special meeting today and opposed the Construction of a new mobile tower. Members claim that permission given for the mobile tower has been done without taking the local panchayat into confidence. They also charged that the contractor for the project had an expired PWD license.

The members of the Colva panchyat met on Sunday to oppose the construction of a new mobile tower in Colva. Colva Sarpanch said that the members have demanded that the matter be taken to court if the government fails to stop the project.  

Domingo Rodrigues , member of  the Colva panchayat, charged that the contractor for the tower didn’t even have a valid PWD license. He said that his license was renewed only after that issue was brought up. He also questioned the need for a panchayat if the government could do what it wants without taking the panchayat into confidence.

 Domingo also said that police protection was given to the contractor. He then attacked the government saying that they are misusing the Police force for their personal needs and that the police force is merely a means for the politicians to get their way.  

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